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What is a Super Team?

A superteam is team a team compiled of the best athletes in a particular sport. Professional Sports asscociations have created salary caps and luxury tax penalties to keep sports teams from creating superteams, but the NBA seems to be producing them anyway. Some critics say Lebron James created the NBA superteam trend when he opted out of Cleveland to become a part of Miami Heat's "big 3" along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. In 2016 the talk of superteams began to popularize again when Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.


A Deeper Look at the Salary Cap

The NBA Salary Cap has increase significantly since the 2011 NBA lockout. In the 2011 - 2012 season owners wanted to reduce the players revenue take from 57% to 47%. The owners also wanted a solid salary cap with a harsh luxury tax penalty to increase completion amongst teams. Both sides failed to reach an agreement. In November of 2011 the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) split the revenue 49-to-51.2% with a flexible salary cap but harsh luxury tax.

Top Teams Current Salary Cap

Most Expensive NBA Teams

Least Expensive NBA Teams

2011 - 2017 Teams Playoff History

The Playoffs

Smaller cities have a hard time competing because they do not generate the same revenue as big cities. The salary cap and luxury tax were put in place to help even the playing field but the recent playoff history does not reflect that.

Top Player's Salary by Contract

Player2017-2018 SalaryGuarnteed

Basketball Market

The NBA is a market where players are guaranteed all the money in their contract whether they play or not during the duration of their contract. Should the owners pay top dollar for athletes that are not physically able to compete?

Lets not also forget that smaller city teams. Small city teams usually get first pick of the the top college players come draft season. These small teams take the top rookie players, groom them, and those players leave for big city teams. Take Kevin Durant for example. Durant was a top draft pick that was picked up by the Seattle Supersonics, which a year later became Oklahoma City Thunder. There Durant led them to the playoffs 6 times and took them to the NBA Finals. After 8 years of playing with OKC Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors giving Golden State and unstoppable starting five. Golden State just signed Nick Young, giving Golden state 4 out of the top ten shooters in the NBA. (Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant)

Future of Basketball

Roughly about 10 teams are projected to be under the salary cap for the next season. With a handful of teams, the Warriors included, having to pay a luxury tax or a repeater luxury tax(an additional tax for spending over the salary cap 2 years in a row) players won’t be able to move to other teams as frequently as they have the past few years. This will give small city NBA teams a chance to be competitive again but theres no doubt in the future players will go where they can get more money.